Ron Bracey, Urban Psychologist founder, has been practising as a chartered clinical psychologist since 1987. He has worked in both the private and public sector and is regulated by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professional Council.

Ron has been Managing Director of Urban psychologist Since 2003.

Ron’s CV can be obtained by contacting his Personal Assistant, Linda Fox, admin@urbanpsychologist.com.

Ron’s latest book, Image of IQ Power Up book cover IQ – Power Up is published by Duncan Baird and can be ordered by clicking on the adjacent link IQ Power Up or through Amazon.co.uk.

Assessment process

We use assessments to look at a client’s history, their immediate mental state after an incident or injury, the symptoms, and the implications of treatment and environment. This is done through questionnaires and face-to-face interviews.

Assessments for children

Understandably, parents have a natural concern for their child being interviewed. At Urban Psychologist, we do all we can to create a compassionate atmosphere. Usually, if a child is under 11 years of age, we will conduct a short friendly interview with them, followed by an in-depth interview with their primary carer.


Urban Psychologist provides reports and assessment services for solicitors, courts and insurance companies. Our high-level, impartial reports cover personal injury and trauma, mental capacity, employment stress and harassment, and neuropsychological assessment of brain injury.